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22 hours ago
Retweeted Angus MacAllan ( @angusmacallan1):

I've had this Twitter account for about six months now and I only have 11 followers. Clearly I'm doing something very wrong
2 days ago
Fan of audio books? The first 2 Praetorian books are now available on Audible, with book 3 coming at the end of the...
2 days ago
Cracking goal for Mexico who are playing really well. Lots of squeaky bums and trouser changing in Germany this last 45 mins.
3 days ago
Weeeeell bollocks. If that's the best we can hope for then I'm definitely saying no to that $1.2 million dollars from my favourite Nigerian general. He can invest it in the team instead...
3 days ago
Come oooooooon Nigeria. :-)
4 days ago
Retweeted Nick Brown ( @randomrome):

All Agent of Rome ebooks still only £1.99 or £2.99 !!! 😀😀😀
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