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Oh dear, I must have aged a little again. The latest in the post is a brochure for a care home...

Track of the day. I'm going to try and upkeep this most days. Today, as I sit and study African landscapes by low light, it's this gem:

Wrote and edited 2500 words this morning, then shirked off for an easy afternoon in the garden. Cue torrential rain and back into the office. I am NOT giving offerings to the weather gods this week...

Doing some editing by listening to MS Word read the manuscript back to me is fun. Like going to a reading by Stephen Hawking if English was his second or third language and he'd been eating unidentified fungi in the woods first...

I've been tasked by @Feud_writer to post the one of my book covers that I like best. There are some lovely ones, but I think this is still my favourite. I nominate
@pruebatten and @MatthewHarffy to choose their own favourite #bookcovers
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