New Projects

Currently in the works…

Agricola: Architect of Roman Britain. My first non-fiction title on the life of Agricola has been submitted to Amberley publishers with an expected release date in September 2020

Templar 5: The Crescent and the Cross is nearing completion for a release through Canelo this summer. The pope has called a crusade in Iberia to drive the moors out, but as the forces of Christendom gather at Toledo, Arnau and his squire are given the task of locating and rescuing a captured knight. Their quest becomes a race against time as two great nations move towards a battle that will decide the fate of the peninsula. The series will then end late this year with a finale in book 6, title to be announced.

Marius’s Mules 13 and Praetorian 6 are both scheduled for this year, with the former planned for an autumn 2020 release and the latter in the new year 2021.

The joint work in which I have been engaged for several years with the talented Gordon Doherty moves towards publication at last, with an announcement expected in Spring 2020.