New Projects


The Damned Emperors: Caligula

The Damned Emperors: Caligula, will be released by Orion in March 2018 and is now available for pre-order as hardback and ebook. The first book of a series of fictionalised biographies of those emperors who suffered Damnatio Memoriae (the damning of their memory), this novel re-examines that most infamous emperor and tells his tale from youth to death as a more realistic and more understandable human being.


The Tale of Commodus

A new project is now underway following on the heels of Caligua. The second Damned Emperors novel to be released by Orion will be the tale of Commodus, he of famed appearances in both Ridley Scott’s Gladiator and my own Praetorian series.

Medieval Spain

The first of a new series of 12th century adventure based in the Iberian peninsula will be released by Canelo in early 2018. More information coming soon, along with a cover reveal.