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Exploring the #Roman fort of Caer Gai near #Bala. One of several forts in north west #Wales that will one day be part of a story I'm beginning to piece together and which is also a fort likely connected to events I…

I asked Marcus to come up with the plotline for Templar 6 for me. He said 'Knights fight. The end.' Bet it would sell :-)

It astounds me how many people on twitter could summarise their profile info with the phrase 'up my own arse' and save so many characters. * hurries off to check profile...*

In need of more summer reading?

Coming in August, Fronto is back, stomping across Africa with Caesar, facing old enemies and friends alike across the battlefield as the last stronghold of the rebels crumbles. Civil War is almost out. Keep a watch in online stores imminently.
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In need of summer reading to while away the rainy days?
Out now: The Crescent and the Cross, book 5 of the Knights #Templar series, sees Arnau and friends on a desperate rescue mission in enemy lands and the culmination of a new crusade in the greatest battle of the reconquista.
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Out today! Arnau and his squire brave Almohad lands in a perilous rescue mission as the greatest battle in Reconquista history looms. #Templar #Spain #Reconquista #NewRelease #Kindle #Bargain
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