Standalone Novels and Short Stories

Para Bellum

AD 381. Five years have gone by since a Roman governor ordered the deaths of a Gothic king and his… Continue reading Para Bellum

Non Fiction


Gnaeus Julius Agricola was a man fated for conquest and tied to the island of Britannia. He cut his teeth… Continue reading Agricola

Wolves of Odin

Wolves Around The Throne

The wolves of Odin escort a Norman noblewoman to her wedding in France, but there are plenty who object to… Continue reading Wolves Around The Throne

The Damned Emperors


Two brothers founded Rome. Will two brothers tear it apart? AD 193. After a year of brutal civil war, Rome… Continue reading Caracalla

The Damned Emperors


Raised in chaos. Forced to rule. Abandoned by the gods. Rome, AD 52. The Julio-Claudian dynasty is in its death… Continue reading Domitian

Marius' Mules

Marius’ Mules XV: The Ides of March

The war in Gaul is over. The rebels are defeated. Now the battle for Rome has begun.

Marius' Mules

Marius’ Mules XIV: The Last Battle

The war in Africa is over and the rebel cause hangs by a thread. With opposition to Caesar now led… Continue reading Marius’ Mules XIV: The Last Battle

Legion XXII


Warrior and combat medic of the Twenty Second Legion, Titus Cervianus, must fight the armies of the fabled Warrior Queen… Continue reading Bellatrix

Wolves of Odin

Iron and Gold

The wolves of Odin land in Italy, and the tantalising scent of gold is in the air… AD 1043. Having… Continue reading Iron and Gold