Marius’ Mules: Prelude to War


3rd February 2014


Roman Military Historical Fiction

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Simon Turney
It is the winter of 53/52 BC and while Caesar struggles with the chaos of a failing republic and recruits troops in Aquileia, Gaul’s freedom fighters emerge, with a desire for Roman blood. This collection of three tales presents a sequence of events that takes place in the winter between Marius’ Mules books six and seven… events that, while peripheral to the saga itself, will shape events to come, shake the republic, and herald the one thing Caesar’s army have feared most: a full-scale revolt.
Cenabum: The fire arrow – Caesar’s chief quartermaster, Cita, encounters trouble with supply lines. Bovillae: The fallen eagle – Former prefect Paetus leaves Rome with revenge on his mind. Gergovia: Rise of kings – Priscus and his companions witness tumultuous events firsthand.