Wolves of Odin

Bear of Byzantium

The wolves of Odin sail to the centre of the world: Constantinople. AD 1041. After successfully avenging the death of… Continue reading Bear of Byzantium

Wolves of Odin

Blood Feud

The wolves of Odin have been unleashed: the hunt has begun. Anno Domini 1040. Christianity has swept unstoppably across Scandinavia,… Continue reading Blood Feud

Legion XXII


Warrior and combat medic, Titus Cervianus, must lead a legion and quell the uprisings in Egypt in a new Roman… Continue reading Capsarius

Knights Templar

The Last Crusade

The unforgettable finale to S.J.A. Turney’s epic Knights Templar series. As Arnau and his battle-weary Templars head home from battle,… Continue reading The Last Crusade


Praetorian 6: Blades of Antioch

Rome has a new emperor; a strong emperor. Septimius Severus, a lion of the battlefield, now moves east to face… Continue reading Praetorian 6: Blades of Antioch

Rise of Emperors

Gods of Rome

For one to rule, the other must die. 312 AD is a year of horrific and brutal warfare. Constantine’s northern… Continue reading Gods of Rome

Rise of Emperors

Masters of Rome

Their rivalry will change the world forever. As competition for the imperial throne intensifies, Constantine and Maxentius realise their childhood… Continue reading Masters of Rome

Rise of Emperors

Sons of Rome

Four Emperors. Two Friends. One Destiny. As twilight descends on the 3rd century AD, the Roman Empire is but a… Continue reading Sons of Rome

Knights Templar

The Crescent and the Cross

An epic battle of the Reconquista; a personal struggle to survive; a fight for glory. War is brewing, and the… Continue reading The Crescent and the Cross