Knights Templar

Daughter of War

An extraordinary story of the Knights Templar, seen from the bloody inside. Europe is aflame. On the Iberian Peninsula the… Continue reading Daughter of War


Praetorian 3: Eagles of Dacia

At the mercy of the scheming Imperial Chamberlain, Cleander, Rufinus is dispatched to Dacia, a land of untamed beauty at… Continue reading Praetorian 3: Eagles of Dacia

Tales of the Empire

Jade Empire

Empires rise… and empires fall. Can the Empire survive its most awesome challenge yet? Aram of the Inda, a scattered… Continue reading Jade Empire

The Damned Emperors


Caligula: loving brother, reluctant Emperor and tortured soul. The six children of Germanicus are cursed from birth. Father: believed poisoned… Continue reading Caligula

Roman Adventures

Pirate Legion

On the trail of a criminal collector of ancient treasures, the intrepid Marcus and Callie leave Egypt, bound for the… Continue reading Pirate Legion

Marius' Mules

Marius’ Mules X: Fields of Mars

The war in Gaul is over, but the fight for Rome is only just beginning. Denied his consulship by the… Continue reading Marius’ Mules X: Fields of Mars

Standalone Novels and Short Stories

The Bear and the Wolf

A short story of love and danger on the empire’s most hostile frontier. Senna, a native Briton married to a… Continue reading The Bear and the Wolf

Tales of the Empire


At the Empire’s northern edge lies Alba: strange, savage, unconquerable. Twenty years ago this rain-sodden island defeated a huge Imperial… Continue reading Invasion

Standalone Novels and Short Stories

A Song of War

Troy: city of gold, gatekeeper of the east, haven of the god-born and the lucky, a city destined to last… Continue reading A Song of War