Marius' Mules

Marius’ Mules IX: Pax Gallica

It is 50 BC and Caesar winters with his legions in the north, all Gaul conquered but a triumphant return… Continue reading Marius’ Mules IX: Pax Gallica

Tales of the Empire


A forbidden love. A daring escape. A gathering storm. Forty years have passed since the Empire was restored. Emperor Kiva… Continue reading Insurgency

Tales of the Empire

Emperor’s Bane

From barbarian slavery to conquest and treachery For centuries, the Khmar have eked out a nomadic existence on the fringes… Continue reading Emperor’s Bane

Roman Adventures

Crocodile Legion

An exciting new series for children: The prefect of Egypt needs money. And the men of the 22nd Legion must… Continue reading Crocodile Legion


Praetorian 2: The Price of Treason

Two years have passed since the emperor’s loyal Praetorian guardsman Gnaeus Marcius Rustius Rufinus foiled Lucilla’s great assassination plot. Plagued… Continue reading Praetorian 2: The Price of Treason

Standalone Novels and Short Stories

A Year of Ravens

Britannia: land of mist and magic clinging to the western edge of the Roman Empire. A red-haired queen named Boudica… Continue reading A Year of Ravens

Marius' Mules

Marius’ Mules VIII: Sons of Taranis

51 BC. In the aftermath of the dreadful siege of Alesia the tribes of Gaul lie broken and sparse, and… Continue reading Marius’ Mules VIII: Sons of Taranis

The Ottoman Cycle

The Pasha’s Tale

Plots, murder and a return to Istanbul form an epic conclusion to S.J.A. Turney’s Ottoman Cycle Five years since Skiouros… Continue reading The Pasha’s Tale


Praetorian: The Great Game

Promoted to the elite Praetorian Guard in the thick of battle, a young legionary is thrust into a seedy world… Continue reading Praetorian: The Great Game