Wolves Around The Throne


24th August 2023


Viking Historical Fiction

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Simon Turney

The wolves of Odin escort a Norman noblewoman to her wedding in France, but there are plenty who object to the union, and will not hold their peace…

AD 1044. All eyes are on the marriage of Beatrix de Hautville to Armand de Mortain. The union could calm a tense political situation in Normandy: a young, illegitimate nobleman called William is vying for the ducal throne, and making plenty of enemies along the way.

One of these is Beatrix’s elder brother, Serlo, and it is hoped the joining of the two families will cool his anger.

Halfdan and the wolves of Odin are bound for stormy political seas. Will they be able to navigate the currents, or will they be drawn into a brutal family feud?